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Wreck-It Ralph Blu-Ray Review

Wreck-It Ralph

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s film Wreck-It Ralph has delighted audiences since its theatrical release last November.  The film is complete with cameos gamers will be sure to love.  I even saw Frogger, one of my favorites, hopping around Game Central Station!  But for those who aren’t into video games, the film still has plenty to offer.  Disney did a fabulous job with the animation of Wreck-It Ralph.  The characters quickly capture the hearts of viewers.

The original story for this film is unique and a refreshing change from the usual Disney fairytale.  In an effort to earn a hero’s medal and prove that he is more than just a “bad guy,” Ralph goes game jumping.  He ends up in a racing game called Sugar Rush where he meets new friend Vanellope Von Schweetz.  Both Vanellope and Ralph  have been treated as outcasts in their respective video games.  Together they are able to help each other achieve their dreams.

The blu-ray of Wreck-It Ralph also includes several great bonus features.  First is the Oscar winning animated short Paperman.  This short tell the story of two characters trying to find each other again after a chance meeting.  Despite having absolutely no dialogue, this short tells a wonderful story which will leave viewers smiling.  The animation which combines traditional animation with computer generated animation is very unique and looks amazing!

Another great bonus feature on this blu-ray is Bit By Bit: Creating The World Of Wreck-It Ralph.  In this feature, you  will learn about how the film was made from the animators.  They discuss techniques used to make the video game characters seem like an older video game.  You will also learn a little about the character development for the film.

The Wreck-It Ralph blu-ray is one you will definitely want to add to your collection.  Be sure to check out the video game commercials included as well.  You may also want to pause the film for the Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-It Ralph for some great trivia.  Be sure to print your coupon by March 8, 2013 to save $7 on the blu-ray combo pack!


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