Wordless Wednesday: April

Wordless Wednesday April

This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is April calendar shot.

Focused on the Magic

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I love the fountain with Mickey – love it 🙂

Frontierland Station



What a cool fountain!

Frontierland Station

It’s one of my favorites!

What a perfect shot for a calendar, so pretty! Seeing the Mickey topiary pouring water and the fountain is so relaxing. Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today!

Thanks and thanks for hosting!

Heidi Strawser

We love this cross between a fountain and a topiary at DtD! We’ve got quite a few pictures of it in our stash!

Frontierland Station

I just discovered it a couple trips ago. Don’t know how I missed it before! It’s so unique and beautiful!


Wow I have never seen this before!!! Such a beautiful shot! This is perfect! ~Heather~ http://www.disneygals.com

Frontierland Station

Thanks! I found it in one of the less crowded areas of Downtown Disney.

Pixie Dust Savings

That is a great shot of the fountain at DtD! I love Mickey!

Thanks! Me too! The character topiaries at WDW are so cute!


So, I have a funny story about this fountain. On our trip last December, we were in a rush on our last day, but I wanted (ok…needed) a suitcase from WoD. It was CRAZY in there, but we managed to get in and out in decent time. I stopped to take a picture of my little guy by this fountain on our way to the cabs. That’s when I realized my camera was back at the register!! We ran back through the madness and there was my DSLR sitting right where I left it. So, I’m very thankful for this… Read more »

Oh, wow! I bet it was crazy there in December! Glad you were able to find your camera!

Didi Marie

What a great blog look!!! (And the fountain has such a serene look despite the hustle and bustle of its surroundings…)

Frontierland Station


What a great shot of the Mickey topiary fountain! This just screams Spring in April! Wonderful choice!



How Cute! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this fountain before.

Frontierland Station

It’s kind of out of the way at Downtown Disney. I think I walked past it for years without ever noticing it!

Disney on Wheels

I love that fountain. I hope it survives the construction. 🙂

Me too! I think it would fit perfectly with the Disney Springs theme.

james @ HomeisWheretheMouseis

I love this fountain also! Definitely fits the “spring” theme, while teasing us with the “springs” yet to come at DTD!

Haha! It sure does!


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