Walt’s Disneyland Apartment

Disneyland Apartment

In a window on the second floor of the fire house on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland, there is a lamp which can always be seen glowing.  This lamp is actually located inside Walt Disney’s private Disneyland apartment.  As the park was being built, Walt wanted to have somewhere he and his family could stay at the park.  On the day Disneyland opened, Walt stood in this apartment and watched his dreams come true as guests began to take their first stroll down Main Street.

The apartment is rather small with a total of only about 500 square feet, but it provided all the necessities for the Disney family.  The apartment has a bathroom, shower, small kitchen, patio, and living room complete with pull-out couches.  Set designer Emile  Kuri, who designed sets for many Disney films including Mary Poppins and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, decorated the apartment in a Victorian theme similar to the rest of Main Street, U.S.A.  Much of the decor found inside the apartment were items the Disney’s had picked up on their travels.

Walt’s apartment even had a fire pole which his guests and grandchildren could slide down to exit the apartment.  One day a young park guest climbed up the fire pole into Walt’s apartment, much to the surprise of the Disney family.  After this incident, hole for the fire pole was closed to prevent any more surprise visits from curious Disneyland guests.

When Walt was staying in his Main Street apartment, he would leave the lamp on in the window so that guests and cast members would know he was in the park.  The lamp would even be kept on throughout the night for cast members to see.  Upon Walt’s death, this lamp was turned on to symbolize Walt’s presence in the park.  The lamp has been kept on at all times since then so that both guests and cast members will know that Walt Disney is still present at his original park.

photo credit: Steve Clancy via photopin cc

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