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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel Tangled

Disney’s Tangled takes place in the 1780s; however, Mother Gothel wears a dress from the Renaissance. The Renaissance took place several centuries prior to the time period of the film. This little detail is meant to emphasize just how long Mother Gothel has been using the magic flower to continue living. I love that no detail is too small for the animators to include in a film!

Have you noticed any other little details like this in Tangled?

Thanks to Jodi at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Heidi at Heidi’s Head, Mike at My Dreams of Disney, and Jenn at Disney Babies Blog for hosting the Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia blog hop! Click the links below for more great Disney trivia!

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Photo credit: partymonstrrrr / / CC BY-NC-ND

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lori ketcherside

In the lead up to Tangled, The Swing, a rococo painting, was mentioned as the source for the light and art style they selected. I gasped out loud when watching Frozen because guess what? The Swing is one of the paintings that Anna plays with in “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” If you go rewatch the ballroom scene in Frozen, apparently Rapunzel (post wedding, as she has short brown hair) and Eugene made it to the coronation I love little details! Oh and Pinocchio is in the upper center of the shot where the man with wings swings… Read more »

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

I just found out about Pinocchio being in Tangled yesterday! I couldn’t believe it. I love all those little hidden details!


I never thought about that – but good point! Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

I hadn’t thought about it either, until I was researching some trivia. Very interesting!


I love subtleties like that! Very cool tidbit!

Kimberly @Frontierland Station



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