The Pizza Planet Truck

Pizza Planet Truck

Pixar loves to hide “Easter Eggs” in all of their films.  The Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story has become one of the most popular of these Easter eggs.  Pixar has found a way to hide this truck in most of thier films, including the most recent Brave which takes place in a time period where automobiles didn’t exist yet.  So, where can you find the Pizza Planet truck?

  • In A Bug’s Life, the Pizza Planet truck can be seen in the scene when one bug warns another not to go near the bug zapper.
  • The toys once again use the truck for transportion in Toy Story 2.
  • In Monster’s Inc., the truck can be seen as a mother is hitting Randall with a shovel.  On another note, the motor home seen here is also the same one seen in the scene of A Bug’s Life which features the Pizza Planet truck.
  • When Gill explains he plan for escape in Finding Nemo, the truck can be seen zooming by on the street outside.
  • The Incredibles is the only Pixar film in which the Pizza Planet truck can not be found; However, it can be found in The Incredibles: The Video Game as Dash runs at super-speed on the motorway.
  • The Pizza Planet truck was in attendance for the final race in Cars; however it does have eyes and a mouth in order to fit in with the other cars.
  • When Skinner is chasing Remy, the truck can be seen crossing over a bridge in Ratatouille.
  • In WALL-E, EVE scans the engine of the Pizza Planet truck for signs of any plant life. 
  • The Pizza Planet truck can be found several times in Up.  The truck can first be seen in the street as the house floats past.  It can be found again in a parking lot while Carl is thinking of leaving Russel.  The third time the truck can be seen is when Russel, Carl, & Dug go out for ice cream.
  • Lotso, Big Baby, & Chuckles ride on the back bumper of the Pizza Planet truck to get back to Sunnyside Daycare in Toy Story 3.
  • In Cars 2, the truck can be seen attending the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.
  • In Brave, a carving of the Pizza Planet truck can been scene behind some candles on the witch’s table.
  • The Pizza Planet truck is also hidden in Monsters University. It can be seen parked outside of the first house party in the film.

Have you found the Pizza Planet truck in Pixar’s latest film, The Good Dinosaur? I haven’t found it yet, but I’m sure it’s probably in there somewhere!

photo credit: oaklandEarthGirl via photopin cc

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