Spending The Holidays At Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa


Christmas at Walt Disney World is a magical experience. Perhaps you’ve seen photos or even visited the parks during the holidays. Beautiful Christmas decorations are everywhere! This is not limited to the parks alone; the imagineers put just as much thought and effort into decorating many of the Walt Disney World resorts for the holiday season. My favorite resort to visit at Christmastime is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The Christmas landscaping, Victorian Christmas decor, and the giant gingerbread house make it one of the top Disney resorts to visit at Christmastime.

Christmas Landscaping

The Grand Floridian begins getting you in the Christmas spirit before you even step inside. On the grounds of the resort, you will find flower beds filled with thousands of gorgeous red poinsettias. Nestled within the poinsettias and among other various Christmas landscaping are beautiful white deer. After dark, these deer come alive with glittering Christmas lights.

Victorian Christmas Decor

The Victorian theme of the Grand Floridian makes for an especially elegant Christmas. The decor found throughout the inside of the resort is exquisite. Upon entering the resort, guests are greeted by Christmas trees and garland decorated with Victorian ornaments and ribbons. The trees at the Grand Floridian are filled with ornate decorations including birds, gold bows, birdcages, sparkling glass ornaments, and more. At the center of the resort lobby sits a massive 40-foot tall Christmas tree decorated with beautiful ornaments and over 45,000 Christmas lights!

The Gingerbread House

The resort’s 16-foot tall gingerbread house is the highlight of visiting Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Christmas. This remarkable creation commands everyone’s attention as they stroll through the resort’s lobby. With the exception of its wooden base, the house is nearly entirely edible. Bakers utilize 800 pounds of flour, 1,050 pounds of honey, 700 pounds of chocolate, 140 pints of egg whites, and 35 pounds of spices to create this masterpiece. All together, it takes over 10,000 pieces of gingerbread and more than 160 hours to decorate the Grand Floridian’s gingerbread house.

As with anything at Disney, the gingerbread house is filled with lots of little details. Above each window is a hand-painted, yet edible, scene featuring some of our favorite Disney characters having fun in the snow. There are dozens of golden hidden Mickeys scattered about the facade. Numerous edible flowers and candy canes decorate the trim and siding of the house. Santa Claus, snowmen, and so much more can be found around the house, as well. Finding all of the little details on the gingerbread house is so much fun!

The Grand Floridian’s gingerbread house isn’t just something fabulous to look at; The edible creation houses a small retail space where you can purchase gingerbread shingles and other tasty Christmas treats such as chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-peppermint bark, mini gingerbread houses, gingerbread ornaments, and more. Be sure to stop by the gingerbread house at designated times Monday through Saturday to watch a decorating demonstration.

Have you visited Walt Disney World during the holidays? Let us know which Disney resort is your favorite to see decorated for Christmas and be sure to check out the other stops aboard Magical Blogorail Red!

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I am telling you that smell of Gingerbread when you walk into the lobby will have you instantly in the holiday spirit. And I don’t even like gingerbread!


I totally agree! And I don’t like gingerbread either, yet I still almost want to buy a gingerbread shingle to eat. I wonder if Disney gingerbread tastes better?

I agree with Mary! The smell is even a little better than The Beach Club. They said it was a mix of vanilla and gingerbread.

Ooo…vanilla and gingerbread! No wonder it smells amazing!

lori ketcherside

I love the Gingerbread House in the Grand Floridian! The sight and moreover, the smell reminds me of our first of January Disneymoon over a decade ago. #Love


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