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Review: TRON RUN/r Thrills Xbox One Gamers

Disney Interactive Launches TRON RUN/r For The Xbox One Along With First DLC Pack for All Platforms

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When I first heard Disney Interactive would be releasing a new TRON themed game, I could not wait. Ever since watching TRON: Legacy, I have been fascinated by the world of Tron; Light cycles, technology, not to mention really cool light-up clothes! Could it get any cooler?!

Recently the new game TRON RUN/r was released on my favorite gaming platform, Xbox One. My friends at Disney Interactive graciously offered to let me try it out, and I’m so glad they did! The new TRON game allows gamers to customize their Program, aka character, by selecting various TRON outfits and different colors for the light effects on the clothing. You can also change the Program itself. I chose to play as my favorite, Quorra. After customizing your Program, you are then able to select various power-ups and companions to use throughout your challenge.


There are three unique modes of gameplay for TRON RUN/r; The first of which is Disc mode. In this mode your Program will run through the course. You’ll have to maneuver to avoid numerous obstacles and enemies, as well as, jump and sometimes even fly from platform to platform. As you progress through the game, you’ll learn new ways to to control your program and you’ll also meet some new obstacles and enemies.

Of all the game modes, Disc Mode is definitely my favorite. In fact, it’s kind of addicting. I kept going back to Disc Mode to see just how far I could progress through the various levels. I also went back to replay levels to try to improve on my previous score. Disc Mode is so much fun to play again and again!

Disney Interactive Launches TRON RUN/r For The Xbox One Along With First DLC Pack for All Platforms

© Disney


You’ll hop aboard your very own light cycles in the second mode of gameplay, Cycle Mode, of TRON RUN/r. Much like your Program, you’ll be able to customize your light cycle. You’ll have the opportunity to select one of several generations of lights cycles, including Quorra’s light cycle. Naturally, the color of the lights on your cycle will match the light color selected for your Program.

Once you’ve selected your light cycle, it’s time to ride! You’ll maneuver through a course filled with obstacles and enemies, much like in the Disc Mode; However, you will also come across other programs riding their own light cycles, so you’ll need to avoid them. I found the steering on the Cycle Mode to be more difficult than navigating the Disc Mode, but then I’ve never really been good at racing games (although I do love them!). My husband, was is a more experienced gamer than I am, was a natural at steering the light cycle. In fact, Cycle Mode is his favorite mode within TRON RUN/r.


Stream Mode is the third and final mode of TRON RUN/r. In this mode, Programs try their best to survive as long as possible while navigating through random courses. I haven’t quite figured out how to last very long on these courses, but they sure are fun! You never know what kind of obstacles you’ll find when you enter a new Stream level. It’s also fun to try your luck at beating the weekly challenge.


TRON RUN/r is a thrilling game which I would definitely recommend for an TRON fan. Even if you haven’t been introduced to the world of TRON, I recommend this game for anyone who enjoys action-adventure runner games or arcade games. As someone who’s always enjoyed arcade style games, I love TRON RUN/r. The ability to replay levels in this game is fantastic! No matter how many times you’ve played through the level, it’s still so much fun. Disney Interactive did a wonderful job creating this exhilarating video game. TRON RUN/r is a must have for any Disney gamer!

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