Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Review

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Review - Boo to You Parade Sign

This year I was able to attend my very first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I was very excited for the party, especially considering it took place on my birthday! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a party with Mickey Mouse! I did some research about the party before our vacation to get an idea of what to expect. While I knew the events that would take place during the party, I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the party. Would the experience be very different from a regular night at the park? Would the party be crowded? Today I’m sharing my Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party experience with you in case you have some of the same questions I did.

Party Info

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party takes place at Magic Kingdom on select nights late-August through the end of October. The party is a special ticketed event with prices ranging from $70 – $120 for children ages 3-9 and $75 – $125 for adults. It’s important to note, prices for more popular dates, such as weekends and those closer to Halloween, will be higher, with Halloween night being the most expensive party. Discounts are available for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members.

On party nights, the Magic Kingdom will close early. While the party officially starts at 7 p.m., party guests may enter the park as early as 4 p.m. This is a great option for guests who don’t have a park ticket for the day of the party.


The Halloween party is the only time adults are allowed to dress up in costume at Magic Kingdom. If you or your children do dress up for the party, be sure to look over Disney’s costume guidelines before planning your outfit. You’ll find the guidelines detailed in the video below.

My husband and I visited Magic Kingdom in the afternoon on the day of our party. As we left the park little before 4 p.m. to get a late lunch at Disney Springs and then change into our costumes, we noticed several party guests arriving in their costumes. We saw many adults and children in costume. From looking at the guests, it seemed like almost everyone arriving was in costume.

When we returned to Magic Kingdom a couple hours later, hardly any of the guests arriving were in costume. I was starting to wonder if there wouldn’t be many adults who dressed up for the party. We walked down Main Street and saw very few adults dressed up. When we arrived in Adventureland, we found so many other adult guests in costumes. I was glad to see we definitely weren’t out of place in our costumes! Overall, I would say guests about half of the party guests dress up. So whether you do or don’t decide to dress up for the party, you won’t be out of place.

A Jungle Cruise Skipper & Trader Sam

As my husband and I were trying to decide what our party costumes would be, we knew we wanted to do a couples costume so we would look great in photos together. We considered our Pirate Night costumes from last year’s Disney Cruise, but considering how warm those were on our cruise we quickly decided those costumes were also much too warm for summer in central Florida. We considered other options such as movie couples like Carl & Ellie from Up. While we did love that idea, we wanted costumes more specific to the parks.

We finally decided our costume theme would be Jungle Cruise. My husband Jonathan wanted to be a Jungle Cruise skipper, and I wanted to be Trader Sam. We went shopping to try to find items to piece together our costumes but didn’t have much luck. So we searched Amazon where, we found most of the items we needed. We ended up painting Jonathan’s shirt to get the two-toned look of the Jungle Cruise skipper outfits. My costume also took a bit of DIY as well. We bought supplies to make Trader Sam’s necklaces. Finding a short red and white striped skirt proved to be much harder than you’d think, so my skirt also had to be hemmed. Of course, Trader Sam wouldn’t be complete without a shrunken head, so Jonathan used our 3D printer to print a shrunken head, which I appropriately named Shrunken Ned. He then tied a string on to Shrunken Ned to make a necklace.

While our costumes did take a bit more work than we had anticipated, we were so happy with how they turned out. We got several compliments during the party and had so much fun becoming part of one of our favorite attractions.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Review - Jungle Cruise Skipper and Trader Sam


One of the things I was most excited for at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was trick-or-treating. Growing up I always had so much fun trick-or-treating with my friends. While I would still love to go trick-or-treating at Halloween, I seem to be a bit too old to do that without any kids. We don’t get any trick-or-treaters where I live, so I can’t even dress up to hand our candy on Halloween. I was super excited to get to dress up and go trick-or-treating at Magic Kingdom (on my birthday too – yes, I’m growing older, but certainly not up)!

There were so many more candy locations throughout the park than I expected. The candy location behind Main Street, which is where the Halloween statues of the Fab Five are located, was scheduled to close at 8 p.m., so we made sure to go there first. Upon arriving to the treat location, we were each given a Disney themed treat bag and some candy. We then went to explore the rest of the party, stopping at treat locations as we came to them. A few of them even had surprise second candy locations!

As the night went on, the amount of candy being given out seemed to get bigger. Our first few candy locations gave out decent sized handfuls of candy. The candy locations we went to within the last hour of the party were giving away huge handfuls of candy. Some of them even gave us multiple handfuls of candy. There’s definitely no shortage of candy at our house thanks to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! We got a ton of candy and probably only went to about half of the candy locations in the park.


Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Review - Haunted Mansion Sign

PhotoPass photographers can be found in many locations throughout the party. Many of there photo opportunities are unique to the party. As we went behind Main Street to get candy, we found several photo locations with Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party themed frames. The lines for these photos were fairly short. There were PhotoPass locations on Main Street and at every character meet & greet. There were also a couple photographers at the Haunted Mansion. My favorite photo from the party is the one shown above where I’m holding a lantern near the Haunted Mansion sign. We also wanted to get a photo near the hearse in front of the Haunted Mansion, but upon realizing it was almost time for the fireworks, we decided to skip that one. After the party, we stopped for a few photos in front of the train station. It took a few days for the Magic Shot to come through in our My Disney Experience app, but when they finally did, we had great photos standing right next to the Headless Horseman!

Halloween Attractions

For the party, Disney created new experiences for three popular attractions. We got in line for Pirates of The Caribbean right at 7 p.m. when the attractions switched over to being the Halloween version. The line was backed up to Frontierland, but because they had just opened the attraction back up, the wait ended up only being about 5 minutes. As we walked through the queue, we saw a live pirate behind bars. He told us how Gunpowder Pete had set him up. Upon arriving to the loading area, we were met by a pirate telling us to be on the lookout for this notorious pirate. As we our boat sailed through the waters, I was looking for the other live pirates who would be in the attractions. We came to a bridge where we found ourselves face to face with Gunpowder Pete himself. The Halloween version of Pirates was fun, although it did have less live actors than I was expecting.

After riding Pirates, we made our way to Fantasyland to ride the Halloween version of the Mad Tea Party. When we arrived, still towards the beginning of the party, the wait was very minimal. The ride featured black lights and a Halloween soundtrack. It was my favorite of the Halloween themed attractions.

Later we made our way to Tomorrowland for a Halloween themed ride on Space Mountain. My husband mentioned to me this ride would be in the dark, as they had all the lights off. I heard what he said, but I think because it’s usually so dark in Space Mountain this didn’t fully register with me. I was expecting dark with some stars. Nope, Space Mountain was pitch black! While I do kind of like Space Mountain (mostly for nostalgic reasons I think), I’m really not a big fan of it. I always feel like I’m going to hit my head even though I know there’s no chance of that happening. Going through Space Mountain in pitch black was an interesting experience. Jonathan liked it. I survived it. I will say I did enjoy the special soundtrack Space Mountain had for the party. If you’re a fan of Space Mountain, you’ll probably love riding it in the dark.

Party Highlights

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was a lot of fun. For me, the biggest highlights of the party were HalloWishes, Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, and the Boo To You Parade. I had seen videos of HalloWishes previously and was very excited to finally see it in person. The show was great. It was so fun to see a new-to-me fireworks show behind the castle.

As a big Hocus Pocus fan, I was also looking forward to the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular show in front of Cinderella Castle. I had seen a couple minutes of the show on YouTube but never watched the whole thing, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The show was so good! It starred the Sanderson Sisters and many of the Disney villains. The show takes place three times throughout the night. We went to the very last show at midnight, as we had heard this would probably be the least crowded show and would give us the most time to do other fun things during the party. We were able to get a great spot for the show just a few minutes before it started.

My absolute favorite part of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was the Boo To You Parade. We caught a few glimpses of the parade as we were walking through the park during the first parade. For the second parade, we decided to watch from Frontierland, near Liberty Square, as we thought this would be the best spot to see the Headless Horseman considering the time period of that area corresponds with the time period of the Headless Horseman story. I’m so glad we went with this viewing location, as it was really cool to see the Headless Horseman ride through Colonial America! As with the fireworks, we arrived not long before the parade began and were still able to get a great spot right. The music of the parade is so fun, and it will be stuck in your head forever. It’s also so much fun to see favorite Disney characters dressed up in their Halloween costumes. After seeing it in person, Boo To You has become one of my favorite Disney parades. I can’t wait to see it again at next year’s party!

Things I Wish I’d Known

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Review - Elvis Stitch

Since this was my first visit to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, I did learn a few things. I had heard the main things to do at the party were meeting characters in their Halloween costumes, trick-or-treating, and watching the parade, fireworks, and show. So we started out the party by getting in line to meet Pooh and friends, who by the way looked adorable in their Halloween costumes. A cast member came by to tell us the line was probably another hour and a half from where we were. I love meeting characters, but not if it means spending a ton of time in line. The line didn’t really look like it would take that long, so we waited about another 15 minutes. After not moving hardly at all, we decided we might come back to Pooh later in the night to see if the wait was shorter.

Later we headed over to meet Elvis Stitch in Tomorrowland. Stitch is my favorite character and from outside, the line to meet him looked pretty short. We were outside and could already see Stitch, so we got in line. After waiting a while, we got close enough to the door to realize the line inside was a lot longer than we though. At that point we had already waited a while and the line did seem to move fairly quickly, so we decided to stay in line to meet Stitch. By the time we finally got to meet Stitch, it had taken about 40 minutes.

From what I hear, 40 minutes really is not a bad wait time for the party. We loved meeting Stitch, but after that we decided we didn’t really need to meet any more characters. We wanted to spend our time enjoying the other things the party had to offer, rather than waiting in lines. Not to say you shouldn’t meet characters at the party; it’s just not really for me. I’m more interested in riding rides and walking around the park than I am in meeting characters. If someone in your family really wants to meet a certain character, you should definitely do that. Just keep in mind the wait time could easily be an hour and a half.

Another thing I didn’t realize about the party is that only certain attractions are open during the party. Had I done a little more research, I probably would have realize this, but somehow I missed it. I was looking forward to riding the Jungle Cruise in our costumes during the party. When we went to Jungle Cruise to get some photos before it got dark, we discovered the attraction was closed and a candy location was there instead.

What I Would Do Next Time

Now that I know what to expect at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, I will probably do a few things differently next time. Since not all of the attractions are open during the party, I would make more of an effort to arrive at 4 p.m. so I can ride any park attractions, like Jungle Cruise in our Jungle Cruise costumes, before the park officially closes for the day. This would also allow us more time to get photos in our costumes. Rather than waiting to meet characters next time, I would probably spend more time trick-or-treating and visiting PhotoPass locations. Again, this is just my preference. If you love meeting characters, you should definitely do that during the party. If time allowed, I would also try to watch the parade twice. It is seriously that good!

Some of the things I did at the party this year I would do exactly the same again. I would definitely watch the last show in front of the castle. This gave us more time to experience the rest of the party before the show, and the crowds weren’t too bad for the show since some of the party guests had already left at that point.

I would also do my shopping in the Emporium after midnight, as I did this year. We did stop in the Frontier Trading Post earlier in the night to pick up some pins, but other than that, we waited to do all our shopping at the end of the night. This gives you more time to enjoy the party since you won’t be spending time shopping while you could be doing other fun things. The Emporium had all of the party merchandise and stays open after the party officially ends. We did have to ask a couple cast members where the items we were looking for were, as we had some trouble finding them in the many rooms of The Emporium. The cast members were very knowledgeable and were able to direct us to exactly what we were looking for.

After we finished our shopping, we headed toward the exit where we found PhotoPass taking Magic Shots in front of the train station. I was so glad they were still there, as I really wanted a photo with the Headless Horseman and with all the excitement of the party, I had completely forgotten to stop by the train station for a photo while the party was going on.

Is The Party Worth It?

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Review - Hitchhiking Ghost Boo to You Parade Float

Yes, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is most definitely worth it! The party was so much fun. If you go, be sure to do some research ahead of time and figure out what your biggest priorities for the night will be. Do what you think you will enjoy. If that means riding rides, do that. If it means meeting the characters, do that. I went into the party thinking I needed to meet all the characters in unique costumes because that’s what I heard was so fun to do at the party, but that’s just not my thing. After we realized we didn’t need to meet all the characters, we started to do the things we found to be more fun to us. That’s when the party really started getting fun!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party really is so much fun. For adults, it’s a great time to be a kid again. I mean when else is it totally ok for adults to dress up in costume and go trick-or-treating?! While I don’t have kids, if you do have kids, I’m sure they will enjoy the party. I saw so many little princesses and pirates having a great time at the party.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, the Boo To You Parade is fantastic. Even if you’ve watched videos of the parade many times, there really is nothing like seeing this parade in person. I absolutely cannot wait to see it again next year!

If you’re considering attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, I highly recommend you do! Yes, the party is expensive, but it’s a truly unique experience and definitely worth the price. I do recommend trying to go as early as possible, as the price and crowds will most likely be lower. That said, I would also avoid the first party of the season, as it usually does sell out and is very crowded.

Your Thoughts

Have you attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party? Do you think the party was worth it? Let us know your favorite part of the night in the comments below. If you haven’t had the chance to attend yet, are you interested in attending? Which part of the party do you think you would enjoy the most?

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Linda Bollengierr

We are very excited since we found out that as DVC members we can enter the park for the party at 2PM this year. We have tickets on Oct. 23!! Hubby and I have annual passes but our grandchild is going and this saves us a little for a ticket!!

Linda Bollengier

Bernie Wallace

I went to my first Halloween party about 10 years ago. I had a fun time. I go infrequently but have fun everytime that I go.


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