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Hidden Magic In Liberty Square

Liberty Square Tree

Disney is known for the great amount of detail they put into each of their parks and attractions.  Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom is no exception.  When creating Liberty Square, the imagineers thought of everything.  

  • There are 13 lanterns in the Liberty Tree, representing the original 13 colonies.
      • The Liberty Tree is based on the original Liberty Tree in Boston which was a gathering place for the Sons of Liberty in the time leading up to the Boston Tea Party.
          • Imagineers designed the attractions to show and architectural progression both historically and geographically.  This progression begins with the Liberty Square’s Haunted Mansion in the style of the late 1600s in upstate New York and ends in Frontierland with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the style of the late 1800s in southern California.
              • The street numbers of each building in Liberty Square represent the year in which the style of architecture of that particular building was popular.  For example, The Hall of Presidents is designed in the style of popular architecture of 1787, and the street number on the building is also 1787.  For the buildings with only two digits in the street number, you would need to put 18 in front of the number to find the year of that style of architecture.
                  • The colonists hung their shutters with leather. Over time, the leather would become worn causing the shutters to hang crooked. Imagineers used metal designed to have the appearance of leather to hang the shutters. They also made sure the shutters were hung crooked in order to have a more authentic look.
                      • There is a little girl’s doll in one of the windows.  In the days of the colonies, they would put a doll in the window to let firefighters know a child lived in the house.
                          • Two lanterns can be found in one of the upper windows, representing Paul Revere’s “two if by sea.”
                              • A Minute Man’s rifle can be seen in another window.  During the Revolutionary War, the minutemen were young militia members who would be ready to respond to war threats at a moment’s notice.
                                  • In 1989, the replica of the Liberty Bell was cast from the same mold as the original Liberty Bell.
                                      • Have you ever noticed that brown ribbon of pavement in Liberty Square?  There’s even a reason for that!  In colonial times, there were no indoor restrooms so they just threw their sewage out of a second story window into the middle of the street.  The brown pavements represents a river of sewage created by this.
                                          • Since there were no indoor restrooms in colonial times, there are also no restrooms in Liberty Square.  The restrooms in Columbia Harbour House are actually located in Fantasyland.
                                            • Next time you visit Liberty Square, be sure to look for some of these little details.  Have you noticed other hidden details in Liberty Square?  We would love to hear them in the comments!

                                              photo credit: SpreadTheMagic via photopin cc

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                                              Tim Brooks
                                              Tim Brooks

                                              I love all the hidden touches in Liberty Square!


                                              All of the little details really add to the magic!

                                              Allyson Becker
                                              Allyson Becker

                                              This part of the park sounds fascinating. I think I would love to hang out in Frontierland.


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