Hidden Easter Eggs In Monsters University

Monsters University

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As you probably know, Pixar loves to hide all kinds of things in each film they create. If you’re like me, you enjoy searching each new Disney/Pixar film to find the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story. And of course, it’s always fun to find characters from future films hidden, as well. With the release of Disney/Pixar’s newest film, Monsters Universitymany Disney fans have been searching for these Easter eggs in the new movie. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

  • The famous Pizza Planet truck can be seen parked outside of the first house party in Monsters University.
  • Pay attention to the classroom number on the door of the room where Mike and Sulley attend Scaring 101. The room number is A113, which was also the room number of a classroom in which many of the animators attended class at CalArts.
  • A drawing of the Luxo Ball, the yellow ball with a blue stripe and red star, can be found on the wall during an explanation of the toxicity of children.
  • Monsters University would not be complete without Pixar’s good luck charm, John Ratzenberger. He can be heard as the voice of they Abominable Snowman towards the end of the film when Mike and Sulley are in the mailroom.

These are definitely not the only Easter eggs in Monsters University. There is a scene which features a lot of stuffed animals. I would not be surprised at all if there are some Toy Story characters hidden in that scene. I have heard that the producer of Monsters University has said to keep your eyes peeled for a tribute to next year’s filmThe Good Dinosaur, Pixar’s next film, will feature a dinosaur as one of the main characters. I could easily see how a dinosaur would blend right in to the world of Monsters University. 

Were you able to spot any other Easter eggs in Monsters University? If you were, we would love to know what you found in the comments below! We look forward to searching for more hidden details once this film is released on Blu-ray/DVD!

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