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Favorite Disney Theme Park

Favorite Disney Theme Park

As a Disney fan, I love each Disney park I have traveled to.  There is something magical about each one.  From meeting your favorite cartoon characters to taking a ride on a runaway mine train, everything at Walt Disney World makes  you feel like a kid again.  When I visit a Disney theme park, I feel like I am “home.”

Because Disney World is such a special place to me, I have a hard time picking just one favorite Disney theme park.  One of my two favorite  Disney parks is Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This park is home to my favorite Disney attraction, Tower of Terror.  As a child I was terrified of this ride.  But after some encouragement from my parents, I faced my fears and wound up with a new favorite attraction.  I have always loved the shows at Hollywood Studios.  The Beauty & The Beast Show and Voyage of The Little Mermaid are my favorite shows, which just happen to be based on my two favorite animated Disney films.  Between the characters, costumes, and music, these two shows are extra magical for me.  I also love some of the dining options at Hollywood Studios, especially 50’s Prime Time Cafe and Sci-Fi Dine In.  Hollywood Studios also has many other great attractions, making it one of the best Disney theme parks, in my opinion.

The Magic Kingdom is also one of my favorite Disney theme parks.  For me, the most magical sight at Walt Disney World is the view of the castle while looking down Main Street,  U.S.A.   The Magic Kingdom, as you may have guessed, is also home to my favorite land in all of Walt Disney World, Frontierland.  Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain are two more of my favorite Disney attractions.  When I arrive at Magic Kingdom, I usually head straight for Frontierland.  The Magic Kingdom is also special to me because some of the attractions were designed by Walt Disney himself.  Walt designed The Carousel of Progress for the 1964 New York World’s Fair.  This was even said to be one of his favorite attractions; it’s one of my favorites as well.  The nighttime entertainment at Magic Kingdom also contributes to this being one of my favorite Disney theme parks.  Whether it be the Main Street Electrical Parade or SpectroMagic, the nighttime parades at Magic Kingdom are truly remarkable.  And of course, no trip to Disney World is complete without watching the fireworks over Cinderella Castle.

If I had to pick just one favorite Disney park, I think I would choose Magic Kingdom; however, because I love both Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom so much, my opinion on the matter has been known to switch back and forth between the two parks.

Do you have a favorite Disney theme park?  Let us know which one it is in the comments below!

photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc

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