Fastpass To History: Mulan Parade

Mulan Parade

On June 19, 1998, a new parade starring Mulan arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then Disney-MGM Studios). Leading the parade was the family guardian, Mushu as seen in the photo above. The parade featured several very tall floats including the Matchmaker and the Emperor of China. The Great Wall of China even made an appearance in the Mulan Parade!

The music of the Mulan Parade mostly consisted of an instrumental version of Honor To Us AllAs the Huns passed in the parade, the music would change to I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

The parade featured 53 performers and ran for almost 3 years. The final performance of the Mulan Parade at Disney-MGM Studios took place on March 11, 2001. The parade was replaced by the Disney Stars And Motor Cars Parade.

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Love the idea Kimberly! I just saw Mulan for the first time last week so this is new to me. 🙂

Thanks! Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. I always enjoyed Mushu leading this parade. He always had something funny to say!


Wow the Emperor and Matchmaker are really cool looking. Wish they did more things like this with impressive floats/costumes for all upcoming films.

Kimberly @Frontierland Station

I know! They are so cool! They used to do a new parade for each animated film. I wish they would still do that!

Sean @DisneyDayByDay

This was a great parade, the last great parade at MGM. We just haven’t gotten into the recent parades / street parties at Hollywood Studios since. With the end of Pixar Pals I believe HS currently is without any parade or street party these days. Great shots, thanks for the memories.

I loved the movie parades, especially the Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade! I also loved the Disney Stars And Motor Cars Parade, but I haven’t really like any of the parades since then. I hate that HS doesn’t have a parade now. I think they need to bring back the movie specific parades for new films!


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