Fastpass To History: Tower of Terror Lightning Strike

Fastpass To History: Tower of Terror Lightning Strike

You’re probably familiar with the story of The Hollywood Tower Hotel: On Halloween night, 1939, five people mysteriously disappeared when the hotel’s elevator was struck by lightning. Interestingly enough, the basis of this story isn’t all that far fetched. If you’ve been to Disney World, you know lightning is a common occurrence in Orlando. In fact, Disney puts lightning rods on practically every structure on their property and with good reason.

During the construction of Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror, the structure actually was struck by lightning. Since the attraction was completed, it has been struck by lightning multiple times. A quick search online will pull up several videos of lightning striking the 199 foot tall tower. Storms over Tower of Terror really add to the mood of the attraction, and don’t worry, there are plenty of lightning rods on top of the building.

Have you ever seen or ridden Tower of Terror during a thunder storm? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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