Fastpass To History: Disney’s Halloween Treat

Disney's Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween! Growing up Halloween was always so much fun. I mean what little kid doesn’t love dressing up and getting free candy?! I usually went trick-or-treating dressed as a Disney character. One year I actually went trick-or-treating at The Disney Store. One of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween has always been by watching Disney’s Halloween Treat.

Disney’s Halloween Treat is a Halloween themed show featuring many different cartoon segments. It is narrated by a talking jack-o-lantern puppet. Some of the cartoons featured include The Skeleton Dance, Donald Duck & The Gorilla, and scenes from classic Disney films including Peter Pan, The Sword In The Stone, 101 Dalmatians and more. It also features Night On Bald Mountain from Fantasia. In case you’re not familiar with the title, this is the segment which features, in my opinion, the creepiest Disney character ever – Chernabog.

Disney’s Halloween Treat originally aired on The Wonderful World of Disney in 1982. I remember watching this show on The Disney Channel every Halloween until they quit airing it in the mid-1990s. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed the first year it did not come on The Disney Channel at Halloween. So, last Halloween I was thrilled to finally find the show on YouTube!

What is your favorite Disney Halloween cartoon? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photo credit: Loren Javier / / CC BY-ND

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lori ketcherside

Lonesome Ghosts! Where Mickey Mouse and friends are the original Ghostbusters.

I love that one!

Sean @DisneyDayByDay

Love the skeleton dance, for some reason that has always stuck with me. If only I could learn those moves 🙂 Thanks for hosting us

That’s another one of my favorites!


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