Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World


Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World

Each year as the leaves begin to change colors, the Magic Kingdom is also transformed with the colors of fall. Main Street, U.S.A. comes to life with pumpkins, scarecrows, and beautiful wreaths made from autumn leaves. A few years ago, as I celebrated my birthday at Walt Disney World, I was able to once again experience the beautiful colors of fall at the Magic Kingdom.

As my husband and I made our way towards the Most Magical Place on Earth, we looked up to find the Disney’s beautiful fall decorations before we even made it to the Magic Kingdom. The entrance gate to the Magic Kingdom parking area was garnished with garland made of leaves in various shades of red, orange, and yellow.

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom about 20 minutes prior to park opening, just in time to watch the Rope Drop show. Fall banners adorned the train station as Mickey and friends arrived via the Walt Disney World Railroad. The residents of Main Street were decked out in seasonal attire as they sang and danced to open the park. It was so much fun to see the Rope Drop show with the festive background of the train station.

Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World

Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, we were greeted by several friendly faces. Each year, several festive scarecrows can be found in Town Square. These scarecrows are my favorite part of the fall decorations at Walt Disney World. I love seeing the scarecrow who resembles Cinderella. Other scarecrows include a baker, a drummer, and a baseball player.

Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World - Scarecrow

The fall decorations at Disney don’t stop at Town Square. Mickey Mouse jack-o-lanterns and fall wreaths hung on each lamp post. The store windows were filled with festive displays of Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck dressed in costume for Halloween.

Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World - Mickey Jack-o-lantern

When nighttime came to the Magic Kingdom, the decorations brought a whole new experience to the park. The many jack-o-lanterns were now glowing in the dark. Mickey’s smiling face could be seen shining bright on each lamp post. Jack-o-lanterns could also be found flickering atop the buildings of Main Street. The jack-o-lanterns made for a special experience as we watched the nighttime entertainment at the Magic Kingdom.

Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom After Dark

Unfortunately, each fun-filled day at Walt Disney World does eventually come to an end. If you have to leave the Magic Kingdom, fall is the best time of year to do so. As you head out of the park, you’ll see rows of glowing jack-o-lanterns lining the exit. Be sure to look up when you pass under the train station. You’ll notice a group of pumpkins with Mickey’s famous saying, “See ya real soon!” as you leave the park. Those jack-o-lanterns always bring a smile to my face as I’m leaving my favorite place on earth.

Fall Decorations At Walt Disney World - See ya real soon!

Photo Credit: My Dreams of Disney

Want to know more about how the imagineers transform the Magic Kingdom each fall? Watch the video below for a behind the scenes look at the fall decorations of Walt Disney World.

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Rosanne Mottola

I NEVER noticed the see ya real soon pumpkins! How did I miss that? I love the look and feel of the fall decorations at WDW. It’s so perfect, and so warm! Thanks for sharing.


Aren’t they adorable?! I bet you’ll notice those pumpkins every time now!

I LOVE the see ya real soon pumpkins – in my opinion they’re the best part of the park no matter what season. Over all I love the fall decorations more than the Christmas ones even – I think they’re the perfect mix of subtle but festive!

They’re my favorite part of the fall decorations. I love the extra little details like that they put in the decor.


Love these decorations! 🙂


They’re so pretty!

Jennifer Kaufman

I love love love the seasonal decorations that take over the Magic Kingdom in the Fall & Winter. My favorite are definitely the Mickey Jack-o-lanterns on all of the lampposts! Thy make me smile every time.


I love seeing those. They’re so pretty, especially at night!

Kimberly Kahl

I was just at WDW over the last couple of weeks and I loved watching the transformation. It really made me “get into the season.” As soon as I came home, I began decorating my office!


The decorations at Disney get you into the season! They really know how to decorate!


I can not wait to experience fall at WDW. Fall is by far my favorite season – and seeing my favorite vacation destination dressed up is on my Disney bucket list.


The park looks beautiful in the fall! The crowds are great in the fall too. I went in September a few years ago and didn’t wait longer than 15 minutes for anything. It was wonderful!

Matt Stringham

This is killing me. I just want to be in a disney park.. Maybe it is time to pack up the kids and make the drive to disneyland!! Anaheim here were come!?!


I think it’s always time for a Disney park! If only it was that easy to get there…

heather b

It’s so beautiful!! Makes me feel ready for fall!!


Disney really knows how to set the mood for the season, sont they?!


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