Face Your Fears At Disney

When I was about 10 years old, my family visited Walt Disney World. Naturally, we just had to check out Disney-MGM Studios’ newest attraction: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! As we approached the attraction, we could hear guests screaming as they plummeted down the elevator shaft. The fog and 1930s background music set the tone as we waited in line for Tower of Terror. I wasn’t quite sure this was for me, but I was willing to give it a try.

After waiting in line a while, we finally made it to the library. The lights turned off and the video began to play. We learned about the five people who disappeared from the Hollywood Tower Hotel on Halloween night 1939. It was slightly scary for a 10 year old, but not that bad. Then the doors opened and we exited into the boiler room. That’s when I decided Tower of Terror was definitely not for me. Between the large boilers, the dim lights, the eerie elevator doors, and the terrifying mechanical sounds, there was no way I was riding this Disney attraction! I begged my parents to get out of line. Instead they talked me into giving it a try anyway.

As soon as the ride was over, I immediately asked if we could ride it again. Thanks to my parents making me face my fears, I had a new favorite attraction at Walt Disney World. In fact, Tower of Terror is still my favorite attraction today.

Whether your fear is plunging down into a briar patch, riding in a super-stretch limo traveling at high speeds, or even meeting a rather large mouse, be sure to face your fears next time you visit a Disney park. You might just find out you’ve been missing out on one of your favorite Disney experiences!

How have you faced your fears at Disney? Perhaps you’ve taken a ride down Summet Plummet at Blizzard Beach or maybe you’ve traveled back in time to the land of the dinosaurs at Animal Kingdom. Let us know which Disney fears you have conquered in the comments below.

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