Disney’s Dedication To Conservation

Disney's Decication To Conservation

As you probably know, the Walt Disney Company is dedicated to conservation, wildlife, and the environment. What better day than Earth Day to take a look at some of the great ways Disney works to help preserve our wonderful planet!

Disney is always looking for ways to conserve resources. In fact, in 2013, they were honored with Sustainable Florida’s large business best practice award which is given to companies who work to preserve Florida’s environment. Between 2009 and 2013 Disney began using new technologies and equipment, as well as, modifying operations procedures in order to conserve energy. They reduced energy consumption by 10% and in the process saved enough electricity to power Space Mountain for 35 years!

Disney is also dedicated to wildlife, as I’m sure you can tell from Walt Disney World’s newest park. Nearly one third of all the land at Walt Disney World has been set aside as a wildlife conservation area. In addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney has another Florida location designed for animals. Just south of the Walt Disney World resort is the Disney Wilderness Preserve. This 12,000 acre preserve is home to over 1,000 species of plants and animals. Among them are bald eagles, wild turkeys, red-shouldered hawks, and sandhill cranes.

Over the years, Disney has also made changes at their resorts to help reduce their environmental footprint. Gently used shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions are now collected and sent to the non-profit corporation Clean The World. They then send these items on to families in need. Because of this, over 128,000 pounds of hygiene were recycled in just one year! In room guest information, as well as merchandise shopping bags, are produced from recycled materials. The resorts have now switched to energy efficient lighting and are sure to turn off lights and equipment which are not being used. Unused prepared food is donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida through the Disney Harvest program. This program helps to feed over 1,000 local children each week.

Have you noticed any of Disney’s other conservation efforts on your vacations? Be sure to hop aboard the Magical Blogorail for more Disney Earth Day fun!

Photo credit: Disney

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Rosanne Mottola

Kimberly, I think what I love the most about Disney is that they do things like conservation without HAVING to do it. They don’t do these things with a gun to their heads, they do it because they want to do it. All of the items you listed above are truly admirable, and it’s what keeps me coming back for more!

Rosanne @ The Disney Point


I completely agree! It’s great that they care so much! I love seeing those little notes with Jiminy Cricket in the room that let us know how we can help with their conservation efforts!


Yes! Disney’s dedication to conservation is one of my most favorite things about this company. Would love to see this become a trend with other corporations as well.


Me too – it’s so important. I am glad that Disney puts so much effort into conservation!


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