Disney’s All-Star Movies Room Refurbishment Update

Disney's All-Star Movies Room Refurbishment Update

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Over the last couple of years, Disney has begun refurbishing the rooms at their older value resorts. The refurbishments began with Pop Century and are now complete at that resort. Current refurbishments are taking place at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.

Room Refurbishments

The newly refurbished rooms at All-Star Movies feature a Murphy bed, modern furniture, and a very large flat screen TV. The Murphy bed helps to make the room much more spacious, especially for guests who don’t need the second bed. Refurbished rooms also have shelving added near the sink to add extra storage to the room. The new furnishings for the refurbished rooms help to use the space more efficiently and make it much more functional for your stay at the resort.

Disney's All-Star Movies Room Refurbishment Update - Murphy Bed

The newly refurbished rooms provide more space for your family through the use of a Murphy bed which folds up to reveal a table underneath.


Disney's All-Star Movies Room Refurbishment Update - Beds

The Murphy bed pulls down providing sleeping accommodations for up to 4 guests. These beds are much more comfortable than the previous mattresses at All-Star Movies.


Disney's All-Star Movies Room Refurbishment Update - Bathroom

The newly refurbished bathroom has a pocket door and a beautiful shower complete with a sliding glass door.


Disney's All-Star Movies Room Refurbishment Update - Sink Area

The sink area provides plenty of shelving both above and below the counter to store your essentials as you prepare for a fun-filled day in the parks.

Current Progress

As of November 2018, half of the buildings at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort are refurbished. The majority of the refurbished rooms at this time are preferred rooms. The refurbishment is complete in both of the Toy Story buildings (buildings 9 & 10). Refurbishments are also complete in one of the Fantasia buildings (building 8) and both of the Love Bug buildings (buildings 6 & 7). Rooms in the Toy Story and Fantasia sections are preferred rooms. The Love Bug section has standard rooms.

Work has reportedly stopped until 2019. With the holiday season being Disney’s busiest time of year, I imagine they have stopped work on refurbishments to ensure as many rooms as possible are available for guests. The remaining half of the resort is expected to be refurbished in the new year.

In looking at the current progress and the resort map, I expect the order of the remaining refurbishments to be the Fantasia building (building 5) next, followed by 101 Dalmatians (building 4), Mighty Ducks (building 3), 101 Dalmatians (building 2), and Mighty Ducks (building 1). Please keep in mind, this is just a guess based on the progress made so far. The actual order of the buildings being refurbished could be different.

How To Get A Refurbished Room

If you would like to stay in a refurbished room at All-Star Movies, there are a couple things you can do to increase your chances of getting a refurbished room. As of right now, the majority of the refurbished rooms are in buildings with preferred rooms. I recommend booking a preferred room, rather than a standard room.

I also recommend requesting a specific building, rather than just requesting a refurbished room. To do this, you can have your travel agent or Touring Plans {affiliate link} submit the room request on your behalf. For our trip in July, we specifically requested the Toy Story buildings since we would be at Disney for the opening of Toy Story Land. Despite this being one of the most crowded weeks of the year, we were able to get a refurbished room with no problem.

In September, we requested a refurbished room with no specific building request. We were assigned a room in the 101 Dalmatians section. There seemed to be some confusion as to which buildings had actually been refurbished, as when we called prior to our arrival we were told the Dalmatians buildings had been completed and we were also told the entire resort had already been refurbished – neither of which turned out to be true. After arriving at the resort, we spoke with a cast member at the front desk who was able to provide accurate information on which buildings had been refurbished.

If you try to get a refurbished room, keep in mind Disney will do everything they can to grant your request, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. For our second stay at the resort, they were not able to grant our room request for the first night of our trip as it was a holiday weekend and the hotel was at capacity. The cast member at the front desk recommended we come back the next day after other guests had checked out to see if they might be able to move us to a refurbished room, which they did. If they’re not able to grant your request upon check-in, you may want to check back with the front desk on another day to see if they are able to move you to a refurbished room.

Your Thoughts

Have you had the chance to stay in a refurbished room at one of the value resorts? Let us know what you thought of the newly refurbished rooms. If you could pick which value resort is refurbished next, which one would you choose?

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Bernie Wallace
Bernie Wallace

I’ve never stayed at this hotel before but it looks nice. I live in Orlando so I don’t ever get to see the hotel rooms on property.

Christie Fisher
Christie Fisher

Loved the new rooms at Pop. The beds are great and full size toiletries in the shower!


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