Disney Dining: The Garden Grill

Garden Grill

Located inside The Land at Epcot is a wonderful character dining experience at The Garden Grill.  This unique restaurant is the only place at Walt Disney World where you revolve around the restaurant while you eat.  This allows you to have a constantly changing view while you eat.  At The Garden Grill, you will be able to have a family-style dinner, some of which was even grown in the Living With The Land attraction.  Best of all, some of your favorite Disney friends will join you as you are eating.

As you approach The Garden Grill for dinner, you will notice that the restaurant is slowly moving.  The dining area rotates around the central kitchen allowing a constantly changing view.  The restaurant is located above the Living With The Land boat ride.  As your table approaches the back of the restaurant, you will be able to see several different scenes from the attraction including a rainforest, farmhouse, and prairie.  This makes for a very unique dining experience.

A dinner at the Garden Grill also provides a much calmer setting than many of the other character dining experiences.  Due to the circular layout of the restaurant, noise does not travel as much making this a fairly quiet character meal.  The semi-circle shape of the booths and the small amount of open space in the restaurant results in fewer children running to meet their favorite character.  The Garden Grill is an excellent choice for families who may not enjoy the noise and excitement typically found at a character dining experience.

The food at The Garden Grill is served family-style.  The meal includes bread, salad, char-grilled filet of beef, roasted turkey, fish, fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes, bread pudding, and a skillet cake.  For the children, the menu consists of oven-roasted chicken, macaroni & cheese, broccoli, sweet potato sticks, and a cupcake cone.  Some of the fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, eggplant, and sweet potatoes, are even grown in the Living With The Land greenhouses below.

Each night, Chip and Dale hold a feast for all of their friends at The Garden Grill.  At Chip ‘n Dale’s Harvest Feast, you will dine with Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.  While you are eating, each character will make a stop at your table for pictures and autographs.  The characters also make sure to take the time to have a little fun with you as well.  Last time I dined at The Garden Grill, Chip stopped at our table to admire some of our side dishes.  He informed us that they were delicious and we would love them.  When we offered some of the food to Chip, he let us know that he had just eaten and unfortunately had no more room in his tummy for the yummy food.

The Garden Grill is one of the best dining experiences at Epcot.  It provides unique views as the restaurant rotates, as well as a much calmer character dining experience.  The all-you-can-eat family-style meal also makes this a good value for a Disney table service restaurant.  With Mickey and friends stopping by your table as you dine, you are sure to have a memorable meal at The Garden Grill.
photo credit: mrkathika via photopin cc

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