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Disney 101: Hidden Mickeys

Disney 101: Hidden Mickeys

Photo credit: Peter E. Lee / Photo / CC BY-NC

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One of my favorite things about Disney is their great attention to detail. Whether it’s an attraction at a theme park or the latest Disney animated film, no detail is too small to be left out. Among some of my favorite little Disney details are hidden Mickeys.

What Exactly Are Hidden Mickeys?

Hidden Mickeys are images or objects designed to resemble Mickey Mouse. Many times hidden Mickeys are the classic Mickey Mouse silhouette made of three circles. However, sometimes a hidden Mickey will be in the shape of a profile of Mickey’s face. Occasionally you will even find a full body hidden Mickey.

Where Can You Find Hidden Mickeys?

Peter Pan's Flight Hidden Mickey

My favorite place to search for hidden Mickeys is, of course, in the Disney parks. Mickey can often be found hiding throughout the attractions. Next time you find yourself waiting in line for your favorite Disney attraction, take a look around at some of the many details you’ll find in the queue. You might just find a classic hidden Mickey such as the one above from the Peter Pan’s Flight queue at Walt Disney World. Hidden Mickeys can also be seen as you’re riding many Disney attractions. For example, while riding Epcot’s Living With The Land boat ride, guests can spot a few fruits and veggies which have grown into a Mickey Mouse shape!

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for other variations of hidden Mickeys. Some may be profile hidden Mickeys, while others may be full body hidden Mickeys. One of my favorite examples of a profile hidden Mickey is the one found on the planet located in Sector 1 on the map at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. On this hidden Mickey, not only can you see Mickey’s ears, but you can also view a profile of his nose. Splash Mountain is home to another of my favorite hidden Mickeys. This one can be viewed while riding the Walt Disney World Railroad or Splash Mountain. Located in the sky above the Zip-A-Dee Lady showboat is a cloud shaped just like a relaxing Mickey Mouse. In addition to profile and full body hidden Mickeys, the imagineers have hidden just a few other types of hidden Mickeys; In the right library at Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror you will find a text hidden Mickey on the sheet music to “What, No Mickey Mouse.”

Disney 101: Hidden Mickeys

Photo credit: jesman / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

The Disney resorts are another great place to search for hidden Mickeys. It’s just about guaranteed you will be able to find a hidden Mickey in some of the carpet at the resorts. You’ll also want to look closely at the decor both in the resort’s lobby and in your room. The beautiful hidden Mickeys seen in the photo above can be found above the doors in the Port Orleans Riverside lobby. Hidden Mickeys can also often be found in the design of the bedspreads and sometimes even on the resort’s wallpaper.

Movies are another great place to search for hidden Mickeys. Even the very first full-length animated Disney film featured a hidden Mickey. In one scene of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Dopey can be seen surrounded by bubbles – three of which just happen to resemble Mickey. Over the years, Mickey has shown up in all kinds of Disney films, from classics such as Cinderella to more recent films such as Frozen. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy all three made an appearance in one of the first scenes of The Little Mermaid

Hidden Mickeys can be found just about anywhere, not just in the Disney parks, resorts, and movies. I often look, and find, hidden Mickeys in many places I visit. Mickey can be found anywhere – in the produce section of a grocery store, in bubbles, in cereal. The possibilities are endless. I’ve even seen car taillights shaped like Mickey! The fun of searching for hidden Mickeys doesn’t have to end when you return home from your vacation.

Where Can I Find A Comprehensive List Of Hidden Mickeys?

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While I’m not sure there is a comprehensive list of all the hidden Mickeys in the parks and resorts, there are several great resources for finding these hidden Mickeys. One of the best places to look for information on hidden Mickeys is the Hidden Mickeys book series{affiliate link}. These books are the most comprehensive resource on hidden Mickeys I’ve ever seen. In these books, author Steven M. Barrett gives clues and hints to help you find the hidden Mickeys, turning the search into a fun scavenger hunt. The Hidden Mickeys book are not limited to just Walt Disney World. There is also a Disneyland version, as well as, a Disney Cruise Line version of the book.

In addition to the wonderful Hidden Mickeys books, Steven’s website is another great resource for hidden Mickeys. Here you will find blogs featuring hidden Mickeys, photos of numerous hidden Mickeys, and more. There’s even an option for you to submit hidden Mickeys you’ve found!

Some of the Disney resorts, such as Wilderness Lodge, offer hidden Mickey scavenger hunts. If your resort participates in these hidden Mickey scavenger hunts, just ask at the Concierge desk for the Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt. You will receive a sheet listing clues to many of the resorts hidden Mickeys. My friend and I did this at Animal Kingdom Lodge once. We had so much fun searching for the hidden Mickeys! I definitely recommend a hidden Mickey scavenger hunt for one of your non-park days while on vacation.

Are There Other Hidden Disney Characters?

Disney 101: Hidden Mickeys

Photo credit: HarshLight / Foter / CC BY

Hidden Mickeys are a ton of fun, but of course the imagineers couldn’t leave it at just Mickey. There are in fact several other hidden characters throughout the Disney parks! The Magic Kingdom’s Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is home to one of my favorite other hidden characters. After exiting the ride, take a close look at the mural on the right wall. In one of the corners, you will find a tiny hidden Stitch piloting the red police cruiser.

Tarzan’s Treehouse located in Disneyland is also home to a couple hidden Disney characters. If you pay attention, you may notice Mrs. Potts and Chip from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. These two characters are also hidden in Disney’s animated film Tarzan.

Since reacquiring the rights to Oswald The Lucky Rabbit in 2006, the imagineers have begun hiding Oswald in the parks. If you stop by the Town Square Theater at Walt Disney World, be sure to look for a drawing of Oswald on a bulletin board while you’re waiting to meet Mickey Mouse. Oswald can also be found in New Fantasyland. Look closely at the pavement near Enchanted Tales With Belle; you’ll find three rocks placed to resemble Oswald. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is also home to another hidden Oswald.

Whether you’re on vacation or just having fun at home, hidden Mickeys are everywhere. You never know where you will find one. So now that you’re an expert on the subject, go out there and find some hidden Mickeys!

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