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Decal Girl - Disney Computer Skins (7 of 9)

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I have never been one to put skins on my electronic devices, but I recently had the opportunity to try out some of DecalGirl’s new Disney skins for my computer. Since the designs featured some of my favorite Disney characters, I decided take DecalGirl up on their offer. I am sure glad I did! Their high quality skins are easy to apply, look great, and add a touch of Disney to my computer!

DecalGirl offers a variety of Disney designs, all available for over 500 unique electronic devices including phones, computers, game systems, and more. They offer skins showcasing Mickey & friends, the Disney princesses, and recent Disney films such as Frozen. Some of my favorite skins featured Mickey, The Muppets, and The Lion King. After looking through all of the great Disney designs, I finally decided on The Lion King.

DecalGirl Disney SkinDecalGirl Disney Skin

DecalGirl sent me two skins, Lion King and Animals Horizon, for my Asus EEE PC 1000. Both skins arrived in a cardboard envelope with some extra cardboard inside to ensure they were not bent in shipping.

The Lion King skin I received has a glossy finish. I was a little worried that fingerprints would show on it; however, I was pleased to find out that was not the case. I decided to put this skin on my computer first. It went on fairly easily and I was surprised at how easily the bubbles could be pressed out of it. Once the skin was on my computer, I couldn’t believe how great it looked! It fit perfectly!

DecalGirl Lion King Skin

As great as the Lion King skin looked on my computer, I had one question I just had to find out the answer to: Are DecalGirl skins reusable? So I carefully proceeded to remove the skin from my computer being sure not to stretch the skin. The skin did not leave any sort of residue on the computer. The back of the skin was still sticky once removed from the computer. I was able to place the skin back on the paper it came on. As long as you slowly and carefully remove the skin from the device without stretching it, I think it is definitely possible to reuse the skins.

Next, I put the Animals Horizon skin on my computer. It installed just as easily as the Lion King skin. This one is in the matte finish which looks fabulous. And just like the glossy finish, the matte finish does not show fingerprints. The Animals Horizon skin also looks fabulous on my computer! I love the design and especially love that, just like the Lion King skin, this skin includes a piece for the area below the keyboard. I did, however, have one concern about this additional piece. I was concerned that it may begin to become unstuck after the computer was used a bit. I’m happy to report this is not the case. After using my computer for a while, the skin is still completely stuck to the computer.

DecalGirl Animals Horizon

I love the DecalGirl Disney skins! They are a high quality product which are 100% made in the U.S.A.! My computer looks like a new computer with a touch of Disney thanks to these skins. I would definitely recommend the DecalGirl skins to anyone looking to add a great new look to their electronic devices!

The lovely folks at DecalGirl are offering a 15% discount to readers of Frontierland Station! Just enter the discount code FRONTIERLAND15 when making your purchase on the DecalGirl website.


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Heidi Strawser

Those skins are so awesome! The Lion King designs are really neat and look great on your computer.


They are! I am loving the Lion King look on my computer!


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