Character Breakfasts: The Perfect Disney Farewell

The last day of a Disney vacation is always the saddest day of the entire trip. Many families, mine included, don’t go to the parks on the last day since it is only a partial day. As much fun as the parks are, there are still plenty of ways to experience Disney magic outside of the parks. My favorite way to experience the Disney magic on the last day of our vacation is by dining at a resort character breakfast.

Character Breakfasts - Pluto At Chef Mickey's

Several of the Walt Disney World resorts offer uniquely themed character breakfasts each morning. These are so much  fun, even if you’re not traveling with any children. Each resort character breakfast features fun characters who are often dressed to match the restaurant’s theme. A breakfast at Cape May Cafe will find some of your favorite Disney characters, including Minnie Mouse and Goofy dressed in their beach attire. Over at Chef Mickey’s, you’ll find Mickey and friends dressed in their chef’s outfits and  ready to cook a fabulous breakfast. As you dine, the characters will each make a stop at your table for photos, autographs, and a little bit of Disney fun.

Character Breakfasts - Mickey Waffles At 'Ohana

In addition to the fun of  interacting with your favorite Disney friends, each resort character breakfast also offers a delicious selection of food. Many of these feature favorites such as Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, and seasoned potatoes. Depending on which character breakfast you choose, there may also be food and beverage selections, such as the POG juice at ‘Ohana, designed to compliment the restaurant’s theme.

Character Breakfast At 'Ohana

Even though my family often books our character breakfasts for the last day of the vacation, they are one of my most favorite experiences at Walt Disney World. I especially love getting to have a Polynesian themed breakfast at ‘Ohana with my favorite character, Stitch. In fact, this has been my family’s character breakfast of choice for the departure day of our past several vacations. The food is excellent and the restaurant offers a stunning view of the Magic Kingdom! If you haven’t tried ‘Ohana for breakfast yet, I highly recommend it!

Have you experienced any of the resort character breakfasts at Walt Disney World? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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Heidi Strawser

Character meals are a great way to end a Disney vacation! Would you believe we had Chef Mickey’s planned for our last day on our upcoming trip . . . but we decided to change it to Boma so we could have a more low-key morning at our resort. Is ‘Ohana your favorite character meal?


‘Ohana is definitely my favorite! I want to try Chef Mickey’s on my next trip. We’ve eaten at quite a few character breakfasts, but we kept going back to ‘Ohana, so I haven’t tried them all yet.

Heidi Strawser

We’ve done Chef Mickey’s for supper, but haven’t yet tried it for breakfast. We actually had it scheduled for the last morning of our trip coming up in November, but after we moved to Animal Kingdom Lodge, we decided to just have our last morning breakfast there.


I think I probably would have made the same decision. Breakfast at AKL sounds like fun! I would love to stay there someday!

Heidi Strawser

It is a dream come true for us. Believe it or not, we had a value resort booked.


AKL is quite the upgrade from a value! Although I do love the value resorts! We usually stay at those.

Rosanne Mottola

I love this idea! A good meal is always a great way to end a wonderful vacation! Also, what could bring you more joy than Disney characters? What’s your favorite character meal? Is it ohana because of Stitch?


‘Ohana is my favorite. I love Stitch and I love the food they serve. The POG juice is pretty awesome too. And the view of the Magic Kingdom is amazing! I think it’s a combination of all those things, plus a lot of I just love Stitch that makes ‘Ohana my favorite.

Great idea! One year on our final 1/2 day, we had the ‘Ohana character breakfast and popped into Magic Kingdom for a couple last rides before hitting the road. That Stitch is so silly! He once licked my daughter’s autograph book–ew!

Haha! I bet that was hilarious!

Cindy Howell

We did Chef Mickey’s last time and I thin we are going to try Tusker House next year. Now I want to try ‘Ohana. Have you ever done Tusker House?


I haven’t done Tusker House yet, but we did the character breakfast when it was at Restaurant-o-saurus. I loved that one, especially since I had never met Donald before. We actually booked that meal just because of Donald. We had the hardest time trying to find that duck, so when we heard he had a character breakfast, we had to eat there.

Heidi Strawser

Cindy, the breakfast at Tusker House has become a family favorite! The buffet has SUCH a huge variety of things to choose from and the character interaction is great. You should try it.

Jennifer Kaufman

I love Ohana breakfast, and agree – the time we did that to end our trip was a great way to end on a high note! For our upcoming trip we will be saying farewell from Crystal Palace. On the flip side, we try to get Chef Mickey’s dinner as early in our trip as possible. We love bookending our trip with character meals. Great post!


Two character meals in one trip! Now that sounds like fun! We usually only do one…mainly because we prefer breakfasts, but we don’t want to get up extremely early or miss time in the parks.

Beth Green

This is another great idea! We usually drive, so on our “last day” we are hitting the road between 7-8am. The last time I did a character breakfast outside the parks was in 1981 at Chef Mickeys. I think Cape May would be my choice for resort character breakfast. Have you been there?

Heidi Strawser

The character breakfast at Cape May Cafe is wonderful, Beth. They have the largest selection of breakfast food that I’ve seen!


I haven’t been to Cape May. I actually didn’t know about it until earlier this year. It looks like such a cute restaurant! I love the beach outfits the characters wear. It’s definitely on my list of restaurants I want to trip soon.

Lisa Cameron

‘Ohana is our favorite too. We once went out of our way to eat there before we left because we had missed our ADR on another day. It has everything! Do you have any other favorite character meals? Tusker House is another favorite of ours.


It’s not breakfast, but I love Chip & Dale’s Harvest Feast at the Garden Grill! The food is great. The characters are fun. And the restaurant spins!


I love that plan – I was hoping to get one of those in for us on our upcoming trip, but decided too late and there were no character meals left! None! Not even Cape May! oh well 🙂 Kona it is!


Kona sounds like a great alternative! I’m planning on eating there on my next trip. Can’t wait to try the Tonga Toast!

This is a great idea! We typically don’t visit a park on the last day because it’s so hard to leave and we don’t have much time. Breakfast with some of my favorite characters sounds perfect!


We don’t do a park on the last day either, so this is a great way to still experience some of the magic you would find in the parks without actually being in the parks.

We will usually do a lunch at Crystal Palace as the last thing we do before getting in the car for the long drive home. It is a nice send off.


I ate there years ago. Pooh and Piglet were so fun!

Lin @ DisneyMamas

A character breakfast is usually the start of our last day as well. We try for Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace, then head to Magic Kingdom.


I really want to try Chef Mickey’s on my next trip. I’ve heard great things about it!


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