101 Dalmations

The Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has always been an attraction I especially enjoyed visiting. One of the highlights was seeing props from recent Disney films. After the 1996 live action version of 101 Dalmations was filmed, Disney sent some of the props to the Backlot Tour. In the photo above, you can see […]

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The Magic Of Disney Animation is a great attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here you can learn about the process of making a Disney animated film. You can even get a behind the scenes look at upcoming films! But did you know this attraction used to be home to the Orlando branch of Walt Disney […]

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Mulan Parade

On June 19, 1998, a new parade starring Mulan arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then Disney-MGM Studios). Leading the parade was the family guardian, Mushu as seen in the photo above. The parade featured several very tall floats including the Matchmaker and the Emperor of China. The Great Wall of China even made an appearance […]

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Star Tours

Star Tours first opened at Disneyland in January 1987. In the years since, this attraction has gone on to become a fan favorite among  both Disney and Star Wars fanatics. So just how did this thrilling attraction come to be? The origins of Star Tours began when Disney imagineers proposed an idea for a ride […]

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Aladdin's Royal Caravan

In December of 1992, the Aladdin’s Royal Caravan parade debuted at Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios). The parade featured numerous characters from the newly released Disney film. It focused on presenting Prince Ali to the people of Agrabah and was truly a sight to see. Prominently featured throughout the parade was everyone’s favorite Disney […]

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