Can Adults Have Fun On A Disney Cruise?

Disney Cruise

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary. We wanted to do something special to celebrate. We had never been on a cruise and we love Disney, so we decided book a cruise on the Disney Dream. As time got closer to the cruise, we began to wonder if we had made the right choice. Would we enjoy Disney without our daughter? Would we get stuck eating dinner every night with a bratty kid?

Well, the day of the cruise finally came and we boarded along with many families. We were given anniversary buttons to wear, which were noticed by many crew members including one named Daniel, who was in charge of the Aqua Duck. (More about him later.) We showed up to dinner that night and found that they had placed us at a table with 3 other couples about our same age. In fact, one of the couples was also celebrating their 30th anniversary! What are the odds?! These folks loved Disney as much as we did and we had a blast together. Our first day was spent at the Atlantis Water Park. We rode several of the more tame water slides and the river ride called The Current. However, when we saw the inner tube slide that goes through the shark tank, I hesitated. Then I remembered that we weren’t getting any younger, so I agreed to go for it. It was so cool that I had to ride it again!

Day two, started out by eating a delicious breakfast from the buffet while seated facing this absolutely breath-taking view from the boat. The ship was scheduled to be at sea all day, so our first priority was to ride the Aqua Duck. As soon as we got in line, Daniel showed up. He remembered our names and that we were celebrating our 30th anniversary. While chatting with him I happened to mention that it was the actual day of our anniversary. He escorted us to the front of the ride and announced to everyone there, our names and that we were celebrating our 30th anniversary that very day. Then he put us in a boat and down we went. We loved the Aqua Duck. The thrill level was just right. (Exciting, but not too rough.) We went back to ride it several times before the end of the cruise. Now I have to admit that the main pools were a little crowed with too many kids for us, so we searched and found the adult pool. (Ahh. Much better.)

Later that night, since it was our actual anniversary, we skipped out on our dinner mates and went to Palo. The view was just as gorgeous at night as it was in the morning. The atmosphere was great. It was very quiet there. They made us feel so special. They decorated a plate with icing personalizing it for us and our anniversary. At our request, they took our picture with the plate. It was truly a memorable experience. Then we joined everyone else just in time for fireworks! What more could you ask for on your anniversary!

Disney Cruise

Then our last full day was at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. First we rode bikes to check out the lay of the land. We discovered a landing strip, a tower (which had a great view of the island from the top), private cabanas, shops, the BBQ place and a water slide, which we enjoyed later. We also sighted a shark’s fin swimming around out in the water from a look-out platform, and viewed the largest live crab we have ever seen from the bike path. Then we tried snorkeling for the first time. I felt safe here since they have a predator barrier. It took a bit to get used to the gear, but once we did, we headed out. After a while, we came upon some rocks where a lot of the fish were hiding out. The fish were so beautiful and colorful. It was amazing! I think we even saw Dory!

There were many other adult things to do on the ship that we never even had time to do. There’s a wonderful spa, movies, an art gallery, karaoke and tasting seminars to name a few. There are also lots of shows, performers and games in the adult section of the boat in the evenings. Our dinner mates were telling us we should come to the Evolution Lounge after dinner and the main show. I hated to admit it, but by that time, it was late and we were tired. We did manage to stop in for a little while a couple of nights. One night, we saw a performance of Taylor Mason, a comedian and ventriloquist, who also performed one night for the main show. He was hilarious in both cases! Another night, there was a game being played called Match Your Mate. It was kind of like the old Newly Wed Game, but the three couples competing were chosen because of the years they had been married. One couple was chosen because they were the most newlywed; another couple because they had been married the longest (no, we didn’t make it); and a third couple somewhere in between. It was pretty funny. By the way, the couple that had been married the longest won! Yes!

To sum it up, we thoroughly enjoyed the Disney cruise as adults. In fact, while at breakfast one morning, we discussed maybe doing that on our 50th anniversary instead of having a boring reception as most people do. Then when we figured up how old we’d be, we decided that was much too long to wait. Maybe our 35th! No, wait, still too far away. Maybe next year!

Have you been on a Disney cruise? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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lori ketcherside

We’ve done fully half of our Disney cruises without kids, leaving them at home with the grandparents. Disney Cruise Line stands apart as a unique and wonderful option to enjoy the Disney treatment and elegance with many options (Cabana Massage anyone?) that uniquely cater to adults.
Our kids love when we bring them but sometimes mom and dad need alone time and I can’t think of a better place to spend it.

lori ketcherside

And any adults who are considering cruising, I highly recommend the (adults only) Art of the Theme Tour offered on sea days. It’s a wonderful way to see all the details of the ship through the eyes of an Imagineer.

I have never heard of this tour. Thanks for letting us know about it! It sounds pretty cool! I love learning about imagineering! Now I want to go on a Disney cruise even more! 🙂

Sean @DisneyDayByDay

Our son loves going to the Oceanears Club and Lab which you can check them into and be confident they are not going anywhere. This gives you great adult time where you can take up the spa or anything else. Sounds like you had a great time, thanks for sharing your experience.

Lisa Cameron

Our first Disney cruise was before we were even married. Between dinner at Palo, the adult pool and time at Serenity Bay we had an amazing time. Now thanks to the kids club, we can still enjoy some of these experiences. Sounds like you had a magical time, thanks for sharing.

Love it! We celebrated our 1st Anniversary at Disney World and loved it. We have a ways to go for our 30th (at 5 now) but I would love to celebrate it on a Disney Cruise. Maybe a Mediterranean one?


Thanks for the comments. I think I remember the Art of the Theme Tour being offered, but didn’t take it because there was so much else to do. Sounds like we should check it out next time though. As for those of you with children, we heard many comments from parents on the cruise that they would drop their children off in the morning and check on them several times during the day, but the children did not want to leave their age appropriate area! So, even if you go with kids, there will probably be time to check out… Read more »

Lynn Wiltse

Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing your adventure 🙂


Oh, it sounds magical… And congrats on reaching that major marriage milestone! How incredible! – Jerusha,


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