The Best Shoes To Wear At Walt Disney World

The Best Shoes To Wear At Walt Disney World

A single pair of shoes is capable of changing a girl’s life, or at least that’s what Cinderella would tell you. The same could also be said of a pair of shoes and your Disney vacation. With over 47 square miles to cover at Walt Disney World, you can bet there will be a lot of walking! Chose the wrong shoe and your feet will start to feel every single step after your first day in the parks. Choosing the right pair of shoes for your vacation is essential to ensuring you will have a magical time at Walt Disney World.

What Not To Wear

Before we get to which shoes to wear, it’s important to know which shoes not to wear to the Disney parks. I love flip flops; I wear them all the time. In fact, I’ve even been known to wear them in the winter sometimes. As much as I love flip flops, there is one place you will absolutely never see me wearing them: Walt Disney World. While flip flops are comfortable, they are not made for walking miles everyday in the theme parks. Even if you have the most comfortable and supportive flip flops, it’s likely you would end up with several blisters after just one day in the parks.

On a typical day in the parks, you’ll likely take plenty of pictures – pictures on attractions, pictures with your favorite characters, and pictures in front of park icons. Of course, you’ll want to look your best for these keepsake photographs. You might wear your favorite Disney shirt or even dress up in your best Disney bounding outfit. Perhaps you’ve even got some awesome Disney themed shoes such as the Haunted Mansion shoes in the photo below. While it can be very tempting to select your shoes solely based on your outfit, it’s important to remember to choose shoes which will support your feet. I recommend not wearing shoes such as heels, believe it or not heels can sometimes be found on Walt Disney World guests in the parks. I also recommend not wearing shoes with little to no support on the insoles. These types of shoes will not keep your feet from hurting after all that walking.

The Best Shoes

Now that you know which shoes no to wear, let’s get to the good stuff: the best shoes to wear in the parks! To give you an idea of just how much walking is involved in a day at the parks, the distance around Epcot’s World Showcase is a little over one mile. Epcot is over twice the size of the Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’ve heard several people refer to Epcot as Every Person Comes Out Tired; as you can see this acronym isn’t an exaggeration. With one attraction, Kilimanjaro Safaris, large enough to house the entire Magic Kingdom, Disney Animal Kingdom is the largest park at Walt Disney World. As you can imagine, there’s a ton of walking involved in a Disney vacation!

I am a firm believer in wearing tennis shoes to Walt Disney World. Tennis shoes are essential for walking around the parks. Tennis shoes are comfortable and provide good arch support for your feet. These shoes are made for walking and will help prevent blisters. Since they’re tied on, tennis shoes won’t fall off the way flip flops or other shoes may during a brisk walk or thrilling attraction. Tennis shoes are the perfect theme park shoe!

Other Shoes

I’ve heard other shoes such as Crocs are great for visiting Walt Disney World; however, I don’t have any experience with these types of shoes. One benefit to wearing Crocs rather than tennis shoes is their ability to dry quickly after attractions such as Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain.

In preparation for this post, I ran the poll below on Twitter. Tennis shoes were the clear winner. I was surprised to see the number of votes for flip flops; it seems my favorite shoes actually do work out well for quite a few people at the Disney parks!

Do you have a favorite type of shoes to wear to the parks at Walt Disney World? Let us know which shoes you recommend in the comments below, and be sure to check out the other tips for dressing for Disney in the Blogorail Loop below.

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Heidi Strawser

I was involved in a “best shoes for Disney” loop awhile back. I agree that Crocs and certain types of tennis shoes/sneakers are great (I like Skechers GoRuns and GoWalks best). However, I’ve also found that somedays, I’m just happier in flip-flops (especially if my feet are a little bit swollen from walking and the FL heat). I’m always on the lookout for good shoes for Disney!

Lin @ DisneyMamas

First, I need those Haunted Mansion shoes!

I am also a tennis shoes fan. I usually wear sneakers but found that my Vans were surprisingly comfortable on our last trip!

I’ve actually had great experience with wearing flip flops, as long as it’s not my first time wearing them for the year – I do typically get a blister or two then, but once my skin toughens up a little I’m good to go!

P.S. I will also need a pair of Haunted Mansion sneakers.

Kimberly Kahl

I’m also a big fan of tennis shoes although I’ve had luck with a good pair of Toms as well. The one thing I do always recommend is bringing more than one pair. It seems like even my most comfortable tennis shoes can become uncomfortable after a few days in a row of miles of walking. By swapping out, it seems like my feet last longer. 🙂

Lynn Wiltse

I’m a total flip flop lover in the parks. If it’s going to be chilly or we’re going to be doing lots of running from one thing to another in the parks, I’ll wear tennis shoes. My kiddos usually stick with tennis shoes or clip clops (high heels for the little princess) so they stay nice and comfy.

I have recently crossed over to the running shoe side. Seems those let me be comfortable all day long. But on water park ride days a pair of Keens does come out.


Good shoes are so important when vacationing at Disney! Thanks for the tips!


I always wear tennis shoes with good arch supports because otherwise, my feet will hurt at the end of the day.


Those are my favorite shoes for Disney!


I’m planning on wearing my hoka challengers cause I can walk in them for days and my feet don’t hurt.


Those look like very comfortable shoes! I’m sure they would be great for Disney!

Laura Vara

This is a very useful blog post. I think what I would end up planning for my family, is to wear tennis shoes, but take a pair of crocs for the water attractions. That way after the ride, we’ll be back on the dry tennis shoes.


That’s a great idea! I love water rides, but I can’t stand the squishy wet shoe feeling. Crocs would be perfect!


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