4 Parks, 1 Day: Challenge Accepted

4 Parks 1 Day: Challenge Accepted

Park #1: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

My husband and I were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the third day of our Walt Disney World vacation. We had used our FastPasses for Dinosaur, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Expedition Everest. We marveled at the magnificent birds at the Flights of Wonder Show. The plan for the day was to visit Animal Kingdom and then park hop to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see the new Star Wars fireworks show; however, after five hours of visiting many of our favorite Animal Kingdom attractions, we decided it would be fun to visit Magic Kingdom for a while. So we headed to the bus stop, only to watch the Magic Kingdom bus pull away as we walked.

Since we were already planning to visit three of the four Walt Disney World parks in one day, we figured why not go for all four?! As soon as we decided to tackle this Disney challenge, an Epcot bus showed up at the stop just next to us. So we hopped aboard and went to Epcot instead of Magic Kingdom.

4 Parks 1 Day: Challenge Accepted

Second Park of the Day!

On the way to Epcot, we secured FastPasses for Spaceship Earth. When we arrived at the park, Mission: Space had just a 5 minute wait time. So we proceeded immediately to flight training for our mission to Mars. After successfully navigating to the Red Planet, it was time for our FastPasses. We explored the history of communication and, of course, thanked the Phoenicians while traveling through Spaceship Earth. While at Epcot, we also made a stop in Mouse Gear and watched a bit of the show at the Fountain of Nations.

4 Parks 1 Day: Challenge Accepted

3 Parks Down – 1 To Go!

Next, we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom, our third park of the day! We spent about five hours there, as Magic Kingdom is a favorite of both my husband and myself. Our time there included rides on favorites such as Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. We were also lucky enough to get a couple FastPasses for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!  After a ride on Dumbo, a spin in the Teacups, and visits to quite a few other attractions, it was time to head to Hollywood Studios to get a great spot for the fireworks.

4 Parks 1 Day: Challenge Accepted

4 Parks in 1 Day: Mission Accomplished!

Our bus arrived at Hollywood Studios roughly one hour prior to the start of the fireworks. We walked directly to the area in front of the Chinese Theater and were able to locate a great spot in the front to view the show. Symphony In The Stars was a spectacular show and made for an amazing end to an incredible Disney day!

If you’ve visited the parks numerous times before and have ever considered taking on the 4 Parks 1 Day challenge, I highly recommend it! I always thought visiting all four parks in one day would be hectic and not leave much time to visit many attractions, but that wasn’t the case at all. If you plan your transportation wisely, for example visiting Magic Kingdom and Epcot back to back because the monorail runs to both parks, and if you make good use of your FastPass+ selections, you can easily visit many of your favorite attractions while taking on all four parks. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this challenge for anyone on their first, or even second, visit to Walt Disney World, but if you’re a seasoned Disney vacationer, four parks in one day is an experience you won’t soon forget!

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Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail Blue | 4 Parks 1 Day Loop:

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Lee Beatens

Cool to see that you’ve actually done this, even though you didn’t start out to at the time! Nice trip report!


It was so much fun! I’d love to see what I could do if I actually started out planning to do all 4 parks…maybe next time!

Joanna Jordan

That’s impressive! I’ve always thought it would be too much of a challenge but you make it sound so easy!



It was so much easier than I though it would be! You should give it a try sometime!


Great post, I echo Lee’s comment, it’s neat that you completed it when it wasn’t even a goal at the start of the day!

Jennifer Kaufman

I love this story! That’s how we ended up doing it our first time as well… nearly on accident! 🙂 Looks like a fun day!

James Cameron

That sounds like a great day! FP+ for 7DMT on the fly??? NICE!!!

Wow! You really lucked out with all of the fastpasses. Really let you take advantage of all of the parks.


Looks like a fun time! 🙂

heather b

Amazing that sounds like quite the adventure!! Bet you slept well that night!

Matt Stringham

Sounds exhausting and super fun! Oh the things I wish I did before we had our kids. We hit DL all the time and would do 4 day hopper, but that is nothing compared to WDW.. Maybe one day soon 🙂


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