We have been intrigued by Disney’s upcoming film “Tomorrowland” since back in January when Disney Parks Blog first shared an interesting photo related to the film. Shown in the photo was a box filled with interesting artifacts supposedly found in the Walt Disney Imagineering archives. We are now one step closer to finding out what […]

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Mrs. Potts & Chip at Tarzan's Treehouse

If you pay close attention while watching Tarzan, you might spot a couple characters from another Disney film, Beauty And The Beast. Mrs. Potts and Chip can be seen at the campsite in the film. Well, we all know how much attention Disney imagineers put into the little details of each attraction. So, next time you visit Tarzan’s Treehouse at Disneyland, look around at the campsite. Sitting on top of a crate, you will find none other than Mrs. Potts and Chip – just like in the film!

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Disney Dream - Disney Cruise Line

Recently, my husband and I went on our first cruise. Being Disney fans, it was, of course, a Disney cruise. Right there in the booklet of information we received were several tips for the cruise. Among them was one to bring a waterproof watch. Now, I’m an organized person and good at details, but somehow in the excitement, […]

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